About Me

My beautiful self.I’m a late-20-something (putting the breaks on 30!) communications professional and social media guru by day. When the sun goes down, I’m a champagne lush and experimental cook when time allows.

Growing up in my Nona’s kitchen, I have a tendency to add garlic to almost any dish. I could eat pasta everyday if I allowed myself. But I gotta watch the waistline—check out the photo below, my pasta eating skills are clearly genetic!

I say I live in our great nation’s capital, but let’s be honest—I’m across the river and through the woods (as in not on a metro line). I’m looking forward to the day that I have my own kitchen and home to decorate, and of course a family to go in it and to cook for. In the meantime, I’ve been making my way through D.C.’s dating wasteland over the last 8 years (eek).

I might be able to cook or tell a story, but I have zero photography skills. I leave work at work, but if you’re so obliged to learn more about me professionally, you can find my LinkedIn tab to the left. And finally, if you find me on Twitter during football season, be prepared for a flurry of tweets when the Ravens play. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Family photo of my great-grandmother as a child.

See?! Pasta eating skills do run in the family! (My great-grandmother is the little girl on the lower right)

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